Monday, June 29, 2009

Defcon - Travel Tip #1

Defcon Travel Tip #1:
Getting there.

Da Plane:

Airplanes are the fastest means of getting in and out of Vegas, here are some considerations.
  1. When buying tickets, shop around (well ahead of time) and get the best price, then go to the airline directly and haggle and buy from them. Discount e-tickets are cheap but the airlines don't owe you anything so if your flight disappears into thin air, they can comp you rooms and get you all kinds of benefits. (or pay the 12$ for trip insurance and deal with two bureaucracies who's default answer is no.)
  2. When packing leave room for schwag.
  3. When packing keep this in mind. If you have problems explaining its function to a 3 year old then check it, mail it to your self there or leave it at home.
  4. Arrive an hour before every one says you should. (Allow 2 our more hours to get through security.)
  5. If the TSA man/woman says jump, you say how high.
Honestly airline folk get paid crap wages and they get paid to follow regulations. There is very little keeping them from pushing the "Mess this guys life up HARD" button.

Da Bus:

Cheap, slow, and very uncomfotrable.
Bring a large novel, MP3 player with a monster battery life, food and a pillow.

Da Car:

Dear god why? If your driving with more than yourself, I hope you have maintained the car, and bring 2 or three gallons of water per person (its in the middle of the desert dude).
I hope you like the other person because it only takes one wet blanket to turn this joyful car trip to vegas to a freight train to hell.

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